The Ukrainians in Israel . . . What’s Happening? 

The Ukrainians in Jerusalem immigrated with usually only what they can carry in their arms.  Every conceivable kind of help has been needed. 

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Israel 74: A Commemoration and Celebration

On May 3 at sundown, the celebration of two back-to-back national holidays began: 

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Ukrainian Food Packs for Jerusalem (March Project)

Although the militarily significant holiday of Purim is in March, our focus right now is on Ukraine!  However, Queen Esther commanded that this holiday be celebrated every year, even now.  Hopefully the victories in the Purim story will also trend to the Ukraine situation today!

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Shoes for Jerusalem

Jerusalem is filled with beautiful malls, every kind of store and quaint shop.  There’s no dearth of places to buy something.  So when in need of anything, it’s always easy to find . . . for the average person living here.

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Jerusalem’s Ethiopians

There are around 160,500 citizens of Ethiopian descent in Israel, having experienced quite a struggle to actually arrive here.

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For Jerusalem

Israel Relief Aid got in an unusual item:  new soccer shoes (with the cleats under them for playing on grass)! 

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Jerusalem Mothers Thank You For Your Help!

Mother getting children's clothing from Jerusalem Aid Center

A message from the Jerusalem recipients . . .

Shira, Leah and Merav, finding needed clothing and school supplies at the Jerusalem aid center wanted to give you a big thank you!

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Israelis in Poverty!


It’s a shocker that when we think of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Nazareth and all the other famous cities, that there are 25% of Israelis there struggling under the poverty line.  When kids are involved, it is even more heartbreaking.

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Living Life in Jerusalem

Is being in Jerusalem the fulfillment of a dream?  For most, yes, unless you are struggling to make ends meet each month, living on a stipend, disabled, unemployed, etc

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Let’s Do This

Aid Recipients in Israel

A lot of calls have been coming into Israel Relief Aid from aid centers around Israel (especially in the remote north of the country) asking for a delivery of clothing or other aid. Nazareth, Maalot, Haifa/Krayot, Haifa/Springs, Haifa/Downtown, Jerusalem Talpiot, Bat Yam, Bethlehem and Ramle aid centers need stock so that they won’t have to close their doors! continue reading →