For Jerusalem

Israel Relief Aid got in an unusual item:  new soccer shoes (with the cleats under them for playing on grass)! 

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Ramle is a mixed city of Middle Eastern Jews, Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs, Ethiopian Jews and Russian Jews.    It’s not unusual to hear English, Arabic, Amharic, Russian and Hebrew at any given time. 

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Update on the Bethlehem Christians

Bethlehem lies around 6 miles south of Jerusalem.  Around 16% of its inhabitants are Christian Arabs.  It’s interesting that large numbers of these Christians originally migrated from Yemen and the Petra area to escape Muslim persecution, and yet now they find themselves again under Muslim rule.  Bethlehem also has its share of Christian Arabs in poverty and they deserve help.

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Israel—Why the Kids?

Poverty is not fair. 

An estimated 850,000 households in Israel lack essential housing, education, healthcare and food.

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Taking the Seniors Out for the Day to the Holy City

This is a follow-up report of a recent Day Out for Israeli seniors living under the poverty line in the central area.  Transportation was provided to Jerusalem to see the city’s sights, have a full hot lunch, and make new friends. 

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Israel-It’s Come Down to This

Dumpster diver

It’s amazing the things people throw away . . . and that people find inside a dumpster.

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Israel – Land of the Modest Income

Mother in Israel with her baby

About two years ago, this beautiful lady Nadya married Yaakov from Netanya, Israel and together they had this darling little girl Neta.  Since then, they have one modest income from the father. 

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Sandwiches in Israel . . . a Privilege

Turkish Community Aid Center Recipients in Israel

The Jews of Turkey, most of whom are descendants of Hebrews who found refuge there from the Spanish Inquisition, feel very insecure. Their schools and synagogues are behind defensive tunnels and protected by steel pillars against booby-trapped cars. continue reading →

Let’s Do This

Aid Recipients in Israel

A lot of calls have been coming into Israel Relief Aid from aid centers around Israel (especially in the remote north of the country) asking for a delivery of clothing or other aid. Nazareth, Maalot, Haifa/Krayot, Haifa/Springs, Haifa/Downtown, Jerusalem Talpiot, Bat Yam, Bethlehem and Ramle aid centers need stock so that they won’t have to close their doors! continue reading →