In Remembrance of the 6 Million

Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) begins at sundown tonight. Each year we say, “Never Again,” so it won’t happen again. Yet today we watch the atrocities in Ukraine in horror.

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You Blessed a Whole Lot of Israelis!

For the April project, Israel Relief Aid collected funds so that Israelis (especially immigrants) in poverty could celebrate the Passover Seder and to eat the required unleavened bread during the week of Pesach. 

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A Passover Meal in Israel Where There Wasn’t One

Seder Plate

Erev Pesach (Passover) begins April 15 for the holiday Seder dinner. Planning has already begun here in Bat Yam so that Israelis (especially immigrants) in poverty can prepare to celebrate with a Seder dinner and to eat the required unleavened bread during the week of Pesach.

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Giving Love to Israelis in Need

The following are a few ways we’ve been reaching out in love to Israelis in need, thanks to all of you!

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#WeRemember Lod Senior Center

In honor of January 27 International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel Relief Aid has fulfilled a request by the Lod Senior Center (where many Holocaust Survivors come daily as part of their social life, and to get a warm meal, talk in Yiddish to other seniors, use the parlor services, attend the various craft/interest classes, attend parties and functions).

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Helping IDF Soldiers . . . Personally

A significant number of soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces come from families living under the poverty line. 

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Winter Warmth from Jerusalem to Beer Sheva

From Beer Sheva to Jerusalem, aid containers of textiles/clothing (and winter clothing!) have brought warmth to Israel’s needy sectors.

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Warming Them Up

Pictures from Beer Sheva in south Israel, Ashdod and Bat Yam on the coast, supplying warm jackets for the super cold winter here in the Holy Land.  Holocaust Survivors, pensioners, widows that live on a stipend most of them. 

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Connect With Israel This Winter

Help Israelis in Need this Winter

We have two projects to start 2022 with. Both are wonderful ways to start out the New Year blessing Israel!

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New Year Messages from the Chairman & CEO

Israel Relief Aid Chairman, Max Veenstra

Few words are as well-known to Israelis as the lyrics of Hatikvah, meaning “The Hope”. I am always touched when the anthem is played and especially the word “hope” that so powerfully moves me.

When looking into the reality of today in Israel, we have to admit that there is a large group of people living with less or even no hope: the parents who cannot give a proper breakfast to their children, the Shoa survivors who live below the poverty line and have to choose between medicines or food, those who can not afford to buy clothing, visiting our aid distribution centers.

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