For Jerusalem

Israel Relief Aid got in an unusual item:  new soccer shoes (with the cleats under them for playing on grass)! 

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New Opportunity for Israel

In the Netherlands, this container is being loaded for Israel. Inside is new clothing and adult diapers. 

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Israelis in Poverty!


It’s a shocker that when we think of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Nazareth and all the other famous cities, that there are 25% of Israelis there struggling under the poverty line.  When kids are involved, it is even more heartbreaking.

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The Long Wait

Israel Relief Aid recently received its first container from Hong Kong containing all new clothing.

Due to the Coronavirus, China became impacted with lack of workers. The cost of shipping overseas became instantly 4x the price.

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Stewardship Matters: DIY Container Unloading in Haifa

Aid center managers picking up aid from our Israel Relief Aid container

Aid center managers from all over the north will bring their largest vehicle to a container unloading.  This is an incredible way to help everyone without wasting donor funds on warehousing aid.  AS soon as a container arrives to us in Israel, we have all the aid center managers drive over and pick up what they need, instead of storing it. It’s a win-win.

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Israel Receives This Shipping Container

Israel Relief Aid Container

With the help of contributors and friends, Israel Relief Aid continues to bring shipping containers of aid into Israel.  It is the fastest way to bring aid to thousands of needy people at one time.

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Helping to Prevent Emigration from Israel

New immigrant family in Aid center in Israel

Immigrants to Israel from the former Soviet Union have arrived usually with the help of many along the way.  Once they get to Israel, they need a lot of funding.

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