Update on the Bethlehem Christians

Bethlehem lies around 6 miles south of Jerusalem.  Around 16% of its inhabitants are Christian Arabs.  It’s interesting that large numbers of these Christians originally migrated from Yemen and the Petra area to escape Muslim persecution, and yet now they find themselves again under Muslim rule.  Bethlehem also has its share of Christian Arabs in poverty and they deserve help.

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There is a Need in the Holy Land

Supplying clothing to the Holy Land, the Promised Land . . . what a privilege it is to help new immigrants and struggling families of all types. 

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Israel—Why the Kids?

Poverty is not fair. 

An estimated 850,000 households in Israel lack essential housing, education, healthcare and food.

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A Safe Place in Israel

Homeless Woman in Israel

In the south of Israel, there are two shelters for Israelis who have totally given up hope and were picked up off the streets in Tel Aviv and other cities.

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Israel’s Border Town

Sderot Park

Sitting next to the Gaza Strip is the Israeli town of Sderot, which has been hard hit by missiles and incendiary balloons over many years from Hamas over the border.  In August, Israel Relief Aid (with the help of lovers of Israel!) decided to give some aid to the people in the city because they are all really suffering financially. 

“. . . we must help the weak “ 

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Jerusalem Mothers Thank You For Your Help!

Mother getting children's clothing from Jerusalem Aid Center

A message from the Jerusalem recipients . . .

Shira, Leah and Merav, finding needed clothing and school supplies at the Jerusalem aid center wanted to give you a big thank you!

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Israelis in Poverty!


It’s a shocker that when we think of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Nazareth and all the other famous cities, that there are 25% of Israelis there struggling under the poverty line.  When kids are involved, it is even more heartbreaking.

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Living Life in Jerusalem

Is being in Jerusalem the fulfillment of a dream?  For most, yes, unless you are struggling to make ends meet each month, living on a stipend, disabled, unemployed, etc

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The Long Wait

Israel Relief Aid recently received its first container from Hong Kong containing all new clothing.

Due to the Coronavirus, China became impacted with lack of workers. The cost of shipping overseas became instantly 4x the price.

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Even in Israel, It’s Always There

What is it in Israel that’s always there?  Something that you don’t think of when you think of Israel.  When we think of Israel, we think of the beautiful parts of the Land, the famous sights, the archeology, the great Israeli food, the eclectic culture. People living below the poverty line, struggling to pay rent, jobless, disabled, broke…these don’t readily come to mind.

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