What Do Israel’s Holocaust Survivors Need?

Young put her hand on senior lady's hands

Around 7 out of every 10 Holocaust Survivors in Israel indicate that they are disturbed or quite concerned about their economic future – an increase of 7% compared to a year earlier, according to the report of  the Holocaust Survivors Foundation, 2015.    There are almost 200,000 Survivors living in Israel today.  Most of the Survivors (73%) reported that they suffer from health problems.
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Aid From Hamburg Helps Needy Israelis

Four aid stations in northern Israel with low stock were grateful to receive each ¼ of a large shipping container of clothing and bedding last week, specifically for new immigrants, the disabled, single parent families and disadvantaged families.
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Praise Report – Stocking Pro-LIfe Centers in Israel

At Risk Mother and Baby Centers in Israel

When new mothers and babies at risk or pregnant women in trouble have no place to turn, centers all across Israel stand ready to provide.  These nonprofits are located all across Israel, with committed staff with a heart to help, yet without government budget.
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Praise Report and Update from Israel Relief Aid!

two containers clearing now in the Israeli port

Shalom Friends!

I’ve been swamped with logistics on two containers clearing now in the Israeli port but wanted to drop you all a quick line.
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