Pack First, Then Sail

Another exciting aid container from Holland is being packed as we speak.  How do we get the goods to fill the container?  Our contacts in Holland have a network infrastructure of companies that forward their overstock items for humanitarian containers.  So, the possibilities are endless of what can go into an aid container.

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New Aid Container On the Water

Another new aid container filled with brand new children’s clothing is on its way from Hong Kong to Israel Relief Aid. 

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Boosting a Child’s Chance for Success

With two million Israelis living in poverty (National Insurance report 1/21) and 31.7% of Israeli children, Israel Relief Aid wanted to help.  At the end of every school year in Israel, a list of books and supplies for the upcoming year is distributed so that children can arrive with all their new gear. 

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Connecting with Israel in August – Two Projects

Mother in Sderot receiving diaper donation from Israel Relief Aid
  1. Sderot mothers have had to deal with a lot, especially in the May Gaza Skirmish. 
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Stewardship Matters: DIY Container Unloading in Haifa

Aid center managers picking up aid from our Israel Relief Aid container

Aid center managers from all over the north will bring their largest vehicle to a container unloading.  This is an incredible way to help everyone without wasting donor funds on warehousing aid.  AS soon as a container arrives to us in Israel, we have all the aid center managers drive over and pick up what they need, instead of storing it. It’s a win-win.

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“If Your Enemy Is Hungry, Give Him Food”

Food Bags for Israel Relief Aid Reconciliation Project

Since June, Israel Relief Aid has been working on a reconciliation project unheard of in Israel. It is in the aftermath of intense riots in all cities where Muslim Arabs reside and thousands of bombs shot into Israel by Hamas. 

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Yes, Real Israelis

In 2021 Israel Relief Aid has had an ongoing project to provide food for three shelters for new immigrants, and we have been doing that each month (like this picture in May) with a large food delivery of foods that they have asked for.

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Israel Receives This Shipping Container

Israel Relief Aid Container

With the help of contributors and friends, Israel Relief Aid continues to bring shipping containers of aid into Israel.  It is the fastest way to bring aid to thousands of needy people at one time.

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July: Let’s Give Them a Chance in Israel

Children fingerpainting

Every year the teachers give out lists of all school supplies that the children and youth, age 3 – 17, are required to show up with at school.  Yet, with 25% of Israelis living under the poverty line, where is the money going to come from to buy school supplies?  Adding up everything, it’s expensive!  And that’s not including the expensive books that they are required to buy, as nothing is provided by the schools, nor class fees for annual activities!

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Another World of Israeli Kids

Manager of Ben Shemen Day Center thanks Israel relief Aid for donated goods

It was a day of surprises.  Dganit, the manager of the Ben Shemen Day Center for developmentally delayed youth, didn’t exactly know what we were bringing, but she was looking forward to it.  However, it was a huge shock to actually see it all at once. 

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