Holocaust Survivors Receive Aid

Holocaust Survivors in Israel

We are now just beginning to get the pictures in of Holocaust Survivors who received aid from our most recent container. continue reading →

Afula and It’s Children

Afula Israel

Located a little toward the north of Israel, the city of Afula is in an area that has been hard hit by high rates of unemployment and tense security situations.  

Immigrants coming from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, Latin America and Europe were positioned in many cities, including Afula (30% of the city!).  A sector of these immigrants are actually children who immigrated without their parents, living in placement centers or “youth villages”.

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ISRAELKITS: Emergency Shelter Kits

ISRAELKITS: Emergency Shelter Kits


In response to the current security climate with Hezbollah, ISIS, Iran and Hamas, Israel Relief Aid is preparing and stocking Israel Emergency Shelter kits that can be ready for shipment to Israel. We are accepting sponsors for these kits for $30 per kit. continue reading →

Diapers, Furniture, Clothing, Textiles Readying to Ship to Israel

Israel Relief Aid Shipment

We just received a note of sponsorship for this great container waiting to ship in the Netherlands to Israel.  We want to thank all the people that have connected to Israel in this way towards helping to lower the 30% poverty rate!  Bless your hearts!

NEW: Fast-Flow Technology Aid-Transfer Center

 Fast-Flow Technology Aid-Transfer Center

Located in Central Israel near Ben Gurion airport, our multi-container storage center has been established with our requirement of low-cost control.  At only 10% of the cost of monthly warehouse rentals in Israel, this is a super-inexpensive deal!  We’re very excited.
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Special Delivery for Mothers & Babies

Diaper Shipment

Diapers for mothers/babies at risk at our Israel Relief Aid Netherlands Branch awaiting shipment to Israel!
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Jerusalem’s Children

Little Girl in Israel


A mixed orthodox and secular neighborhood in Jerusalem, Kiryat Yovel kindergartens run on a fixed budget, and new toys are a luxury over and above the ability of kindergartens generally. Even if there are toys, they need replacing every couple of years or sooner but there is no budget for that.
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Container of Furniture for Israel

Furniture for israel

Furniture being packed in shipping container for ‪‎Israel‬’s new immigrants & poverty-level population. Thanks to all for helping to make a difference! continue reading →

A Special Blessing for Youth Village in Israel

They’re Coming Home and We’re Ready

Helping Immigrants in Israel