Yom HaShoah During COVID-19

Elderly hand stirring tea

When we think of Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), Holocaust Survivors immediately come to mind. 

There are 185,000 still alive in Israel. 

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At Passover, Bless You!


The team at Israel Relief Aid felt led to express the thanks of Israelis to each and every one of you for blessing the Holy Land God has drawn your hearts to.  Each and every one of you has a blessing that is due to come your way!

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Jerusalem Food Distribution Continues

Israel Relief Aid Passover grocery delivery

Israel Relief Aid is building and distributing food boxes that are kosher for Passover and also can be used for general use after Passover.   These boxes will continue to be built and distributed on an ongoing basis after the holiday, as well.  Face masks are also being given out.

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Coronavirus Numbers Continue to Increase in Israel

Orthodox Jews in Israel

Israel’s death toll is continuing to grow.  The city of Bnei Brak has been cordoned off, and the other ultra-orthodox cities like 3 neighborhoods in Jerusalem are next because they have their own rules of law and don’t follow the State.  Also in these towns they find the highest rate of people who have the virus. 

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Israel Passover Aid Distribution Continues

Mother and child receiving Israel Relief Aid grocery bag

Israel Relief Aid went door to door, according to the strict regulations of the Ministry of Health, distributing sacks of Passover foods to families and elderly living under the poverty line in Bat Yam. 

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Coronavirus Shut-Ins Supply Packs Needed


Here in Israel we are on lockdown, can’t go over a block away, in any direction, except for supermarket/pharmacy/doctor. 

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Coronavirus Aid Needed in Israel

As we all know, this is a time that happens once in an era, and it calls for unique efforts.

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Israel in Turmoil

Jerusalem, Israel

So, this small land of Israel is in turmoil. Israel Relief Aid is stepping up to help.  Currently we have a project of packing food bags (which are kosher for Passover) and will be delivered to poverty-stricken families in Bat Yam.

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An Unexpected Blessing

Meir, a middle-age autistic adult (he is able to speak but still needs daily oversight), lives at home with his senior mother and his sister Mayan in the central district of Israel, west of Jerusalem.  Mayan, Meir’s older sister is partially handicapped for a few years now. 

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Purim Gifts for Kids Update

Ethiopian child in Haifa with Purim gift box from Israel Relief Aid

As reported in Times of Israel on 3/17/20, the Health Ministry announced widespread new restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus, requiring Israelis not to leave their homes unless for essential needs.

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