What Do Israeli Pensioners Need?

Israeli Elderly

If we wanted to help impoverished Israeli pensioners in Israel, the first thing would easily be with a meal.  That’s the first basic need, and since they don’t have an income, simple basic needs like that become quite more important.

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A Heartfelt Refurbishment

Gloved hand rolling paint on a wall

This month of November Israel Relief Aid is stocking the kitchen of the Tel Aviv Homeless Café that serves meals to the homeless on a 7-days a week basis.  This will be our event of the month.

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How to Feed Them and Preserve Dignity?

Israeli immigrants sightseeing in Jerusalem

The difficulties of new immigrants to Israel are many, and disconcerting:  Having to learn a new language in order to read signs, newspapers, medical papers, school papers, etc.; Securing work (without enough Hebrew or Israel-approved degree); Securing an apartment (on Israel’s “half” salary); Accessing services (hard without being able to read) Learning to take trains and buses; Helping the children to succeed in school.

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Israel – Blessing the Babies

Baby on new playmat from Israel Relief Aid

With your help, Israel Relief Aid continues to bless the babies all over Israel within struggling families. 

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Aid Container Loaded in Netherlands!

Loading Israel Relief Aid container

Lovers of Israel just loaded a 40’ aid container in Netherlands filled with boxes and boxes of clothing, as well as hygienic supplies. 

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Homeless in Israel

Homeless people in Tel Aviv

Two years ago the Tel Aviv Homeless Café was opened by a loving group from Haifa.

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Blessing Our Elders

Israel Relief Aid Sukkot Event for Holocaust Survivors in Haifa

During Israel’s Sukkot holiday, Israel Relief Aid helped in blessing around 100 Holocaust Survivors in the northern city of Haifa. 

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Broken Hearts Get Help in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Cafeteria Volunteers

It’s located in the middle of Tel Aviv’s worst “den of inequity” near the Central Bus Station. It is a place, where many homeless, prostitutes, drug and alcohol addicted people live. continue reading →

Galilee Cities Celebrate and Learn

Holocaust Survivors and pensioners from Israel watch Fall Jewish Holiday presentation

Holocaust Survivors and pensioners from Tzfat, Katzrin and Hatzor Haglilit, three cities in the Galil area of northern Israel celebrated at a Fall Holidays humanitarian event between Yom Kippur and Sukkot this year sponsored by Israel Relief Aid.  

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Sukkot – Four Events in Haifa, Jerusalem and Karmiel