Gifts for Netanya


Netanya is in the upper central region of Israel on the coast itself.  It is a large city of over 217,000, Jews.  If we wanted to help the Land of Israel’s Netanya and those in most need, who would it be?

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Ramle, Israel

Ramla is an Israeli city in the central district with ancient origins.  Tourists can still see ancient sites there.  The city is 84% Jewish and Arab Christian, and 16% Arab Muslim. 

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2nd Post-Lockdown Aid Container

Nazareth Aid Center picks up free aid from newest Israel Relief Aid container

Israel’s northern aid centers received an aid container last week filled with new sport shoes, pillows and sport clothes as well as furniture and daily wear clothing.  One of the Christian Arab aid centers in the struggling city of Nazareth had this feedback:

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Containers Resume Post-Lockdown

Israel Relief Aid June container unloading

Last week, aid centers in central and southern Israel received their own 40-foot shipping container after the Coronavirus national lockdown. 

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A Very Special Place for Disabled Youth

Mother and son

With so much happening in the world, we felt it important to reach out to the disabled community in Israel to let them know they have not been forgotten.

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Blessing the Holocaust Survivors

In Israel’s Galilee district lies Nof HaGalil, adjacent to Nazareth.  Nof HaGalil is a home for many Holocaust Survivors . . . most struggling financially. 

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Yom Yerushalayim Approaches

Friday, May 22 marks the day to remember the re-establishment of the city of Jerusalem to the Israeli people.

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In the Galilee

Northern Galilee

Israel Relief Aid has focused on coronavirus boxes and bags of food and cleansing supplies for quarantined families and elderly shut-ins.

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COVID-19: Long Process to Return to Norm

Elderly woman receives COVID-19 supplies from Israel Relief Aid

Here in Israel, the Coronavirus appeared earlier than in the US, so we are climbing out sooner as well.  However, the “return to normal” process is not a quick one.

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May Project: Getting Up to the Galilee

Israel Relief Aid delivers coronavirus supplies

Israel Relief Aid has focused on both major problem cities like Jerusalem and “forgotten” Israeli towns areas across the green line in the central district:  to elderly and quarantined families during this Coronavirus period.

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