Why is There a Constant Stream of People?

Israeli immigrants browsing through clothing and home goods in Israel Relief Aid Center Partners

It is amazing, after 20 years in humanitarian aid in Israel, to see pictures of a stream of new immigrants needing clothing and household goods, as if the aid centers just opened for the first time.

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Passover Begins Earlier This Year!

Erev Pesach (Passover) falls in March this year.  The actual date is March 27 for the holiday Seder dinner.

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The Ultimate Fun, Meaningful Party for Kids

A youth village on the outskirts of Jerusalem was the location for this month’s event for Purim.  This youth village consists of children/teens placed by social services because the parent/parents cannot care for them, or that they are orphans.

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A Little Bit of Happiness

In upper Israel, it is pastoral, green and gorgeous, but there is a price to pay for all that beauty. 

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During COVID Closure: Things We Can Still Do

Recently during the COVID closure here in Israel, aid distribution didn’t have to stop and wait. No!  Israel Relief Aid’s large network of aid centers throughout the country found out that the need was even greater during the closure (because of the inability to purchase at stores, which are closed).  For Holocaust Survivors, help with food is always the number one need . . . and second is personal contact to turn back the loneliness.

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During COVID: Helping Hospitals and Placed Kids in Israel

While the hospital staff is getting overly-worn out during this pandemic, Israel Relief Aid had a chance to offer some donated goods to three regional medical centers:  Sheba in the center district, Rambam in Haifa and Barzilai in the south.  New items like these are certainly not in their super-stressed budget. 

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How to Bring Purim to Youth Village Children?

On the outskirts of Jerusalem live 100 Israeli children . . . without parents, yet safe in the Kiryat Yearim Youth Village. 

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Burnt House Follow Up

Above is a feedback picture of one of the new windows/shutters installed with the donation that Israel Relief Aid gave to the Nof HaGalil Aid Center managers. 

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Holocaust Survivors – Needing Winter Jackets and Food?

Grocery bags for Holocaust Survivors

It’s amazing to think that Holocaust Survivors can be hungry.  Unbelievable!  So many are living in poverty.

With International Holocaust Memorial Day this week on Wednesday, January 27, in honor of struggling Holocaust Survivors here in Israel, food bags have been prepared.  Help with food is always the number one need . . . and second is personal contact to turn back the loneliness.  

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Haifa in the Pandemic

Haifa, Israel

The main victims of the Corona Pandemic crisis are working families (who lost their jobs or whose salaries were reduced), single-parent families and young families.

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