Israel Relief Aid Center Partners

The map above lists the aid center partners throughout Israel that we supply.   Click on the red balloons for name and outreach details of each aid center.  They range from disabled youth daycare, protected children villages, single mothers assistance, new immigrant centers, homeless soup kitchens, battered women shelters, elderly/ Holocaust Survivor assistance and so much more. To learn more about Israel Relief Aid, click here

Jerusalem Mothers Thank You For Your Help!

Mother getting children's clothing from Jerusalem Aid Center

A message from the Jerusalem recipients . . .

Shira, Leah and Merav, finding needed clothing and school supplies at the Jerusalem aid center wanted to give you a big thank you!

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Israelis in Poverty!


It’s a shocker that when we think of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Nazareth and all the other famous cities, that there are 25% of Israelis there struggling under the poverty line.  When kids are involved, it is even more heartbreaking.

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Living Life in Jerusalem

Is being in Jerusalem the fulfillment of a dream?  For most, yes, unless you are struggling to make ends meet each month, living on a stipend, disabled, unemployed, etc

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Message from the CEO

Every year as summer winds down, we prepare for the Israeli High Holidays.  On September 6, we enter a unique period called the Days of Awe: A time in the Hebrew calendar to reflect and rebuild. A time when we say, May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.   You have our every wish for a good, sweet new year. 

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The Long Wait

Israel Relief Aid recently received its first container from Hong Kong containing all new clothing.

Due to the Coronavirus, China became impacted with lack of workers. The cost of shipping overseas became instantly 4x the price.

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Even in Israel, It’s Always There

What is it in Israel that’s always there?  Something that you don’t think of when you think of Israel.  When we think of Israel, we think of the beautiful parts of the Land, the famous sights, the archeology, the great Israeli food, the eclectic culture. People living below the poverty line, struggling to pay rent, jobless, disabled, broke…these don’t readily come to mind.

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Pack First, Then Sail

Another exciting aid container from Holland is being packed as we speak.  How do we get the goods to fill the container?  Our contacts in Holland have a network infrastructure of companies that forward their overstock items for humanitarian containers.  So, the possibilities are endless of what can go into an aid container.

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New Aid Container On the Water

Another new aid container filled with brand new children’s clothing is on its way from Hong Kong to Israel Relief Aid. 

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Boosting a Child’s Chance for Success

With two million Israelis living in poverty (National Insurance report 1/21) and 31.7% of Israeli children, Israel Relief Aid wanted to help.  At the end of every school year in Israel, a list of books and supplies for the upcoming year is distributed so that children can arrive with all their new gear. 

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