Blessing the Ukrainian Immigrants and Refugees

Thank you to each and every one of you that have participated in May toward giving out aid to the new Ukrainian newcomers in Israel! 

Israel Relief Aid, in conjunction with our Christian Arab partner in Nazareth, purchased a large box of food for all of them that are starting their new life in Israel.  The Ukrainians were touched to hear the loving words of the Arab group and begin to understand some of the reconciliation working going on in Israel. 

Update on Ukrainians Arriving Israel

The pressure has been heavy at the Israel Relief Aid large infrastructure of aid centers.

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Reconciliation Project in Israel:  To Ukrainian Jews, from Christian Arabs!

In the month of May, Israel Relief Aid will work on a reconciliation project following the flight of Ukrainian Jews to Israel – food bags given to them from Christian Arabs!

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Israel 74: A Commemoration and Celebration

On May 3 at sundown, the celebration of two back-to-back national holidays began: 

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Israel Relief Aid Center Partners

The map above lists the aid center partners throughout Israel that we supply.   Click on the red balloons for name and outreach details of each aid center.  They range from disabled youth daycare, protected children villages, single mothers assistance, new immigrant centers, homeless soup kitchens, battered women shelters, elderly/ Holocaust Survivor assistance and so much more. To learn more about Israel Relief Aid, click here

Once They’re in Israel, Now What?

Making aliyah (immigrating to Israel from another country) is no simple feat.  Usually it means qualifying for documentation, packing up a house or apartment and sending one’s precious belongings via joint shipping container across the ocean to Israel. The next step is to make the trip.

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In Remembrance of the 6 Million

Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) begins at sundown tonight. Each year we say, “Never Again,” so it won’t happen again. Yet today we watch the atrocities in Ukraine in horror.

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Israel Relief Aid Rescue Project Update

Here are pictures taken in the war zone in Kharkiv, Ukraine: we are helping 2 soup kitchens, 8000 people daily

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You Blessed a Whole Lot of Israelis!

For the April project, Israel Relief Aid collected funds so that Israelis (especially immigrants) in poverty could celebrate the Passover Seder and to eat the required unleavened bread during the week of Pesach. 

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Aid Container for Refugees/Immigrants

With the influx of people to Israel, running for their lives from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there is a great need arising before us. 

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