The Backyards of Sderot

Incendiary device in Sderot

One of our staff actually moved to Sderot recently to a large house with room for all the many children and of course a nice large backyard.   Not long afterward, they had to tell the kids they could not go out to play outside from now on until they checked.  Why?

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It’s Harder for Them in Israel

Which is the sector of Israelis most in poverty?  It’s always the Beta Israel from Ethiopia.  39% of Ethiopian Jewish families live in poverty, compared with 14% of all other sectors. Most Ethiopian Jews are working poor families.

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What Happened in Sderot the Other Night?

Downtown Sderot

Israelis in the southern city of Sderot, next to the Gaza Strip, ran to whatever bomb shelter they could find close . . . yes, more bombs from Gaza.   Each bomb disrupts the rest of the day.

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Tisha b’Av: A Check Up

This year, Israel’s holiday of Tisha b’Av is July 30, beginning the night before, July 29 around sundown. 

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Amazed in Beer Sheva

Elderly in Beer Sheva receiving sneaker gift from Israel Relief Aid

Widows, Holocaust Survivors and seniors had the time of their life receiving an Israel Relief Aid gift that they can’t afford:  new sport shoes. 

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Bat Yam Surprise

Bat Yam, Israel

Bat Yam is located on the coast in central Israel below Tel Aviv-Yafo, that has been struggling financially and especially the many seniors and Holocaust Survivors, but also the unemployed and single parents.

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Doctors and Nurses Get Needed Shoes!

Dr and nurses at Ichilov Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center receive new shoes from Israel Relief AId Center partner

In these Coronavirus days, what could be more important than supporting the Israeli hospital doctors and nurses who are working night and day to save Israelis?  Ichilov Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is the highest-rated hospital in Israel.  Yet during the crisis, it has had its challenges.

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First Things First: Food for Israelis in Need

Grocery delivery from Israel Relief Aid for Israelis in  Need

Over the past decade, total immigration to Israel in 2018 of almost 30,000 has virtually doubled (from nearly 15,500 in 2008) – mostly from Russia and Ukraine.

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In Haifa, You Give Them a Chance

Haifa, Israel

Israel Relief Aid’s school supplies project changes the lives of these children.  We give them the chance to succeed by providing them with a full variety of school supplies that are needed.

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You’ve Brought Joy to Israel

Ben Shemen Day Center Disabled Youth and Staff

With your help, Israel Relief Aid brought joy to the staff at the Ben Shemen Day Center for disabled young people.

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