Israel’s 73rd Anniversary

IDF troops

We just celebrated the two-day holiday of Yom Ha’Zikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day for Heroes and Fallen Soldiers) and Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day). This year is the 73rd anniversary of the modern-day State of Israel.

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Ashdod – During COVID

Israelis-Helping One and All

Israeli women in need browsing clothing at Haifa Aid Center

The spotlight here is on an aid center in downtown Haifa run by Ethiopians.  As you see, so many people come to get help here, and not just Ethiopians. 

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In Honor of Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Survivor receiving a visit from Israel Relief Aid center partners

Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) was April 8, and a special project is being carried out the entire month of April to help Survivors, in honor of this special day.

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Israel Relief Aid Passover Photos

Passover Message from the CEO

Dear Friends,

This year we mark Passover still with difficult circumstances around the world because of the ‘Corona plague’ (the modern affliction that has affected all of our lives).  

Despite ‘social distancing’, closures and isolation at homes, we will set the Passover table, we will be thankful that we arrived to this moment and we will celebrate the holiday with both those at our table and also those far away via zoom.  

The Passover holiday is a time of joy and renewal, but also the holiday of freedom – Chag haHerut. Even when we are forced to stay in our homes, we still have the freedom to appreciate the most basic things in life: our families, our health, our history and tradition. ‘’ I wish you all a happy and healthy Passover ‘Chag Pesach kasher v’sameach.’

Jo Kaplan, CEO Israel Relief Aid

A Visit to an Israeli Bedouin Home for Good Deeds Day

A Visit to an Israeli Bedouin Home for Good Deeds Day

Near to Beer Sheva in the south of Israel, one can find Bedouin villages in abundance.  A visit to one village reflects great need, and amazing that the family can get by in such poverty.  Some of the village has actual metal structures, while others are built more on the order of a large tent.  The “homes” are on sand, with rugs for floor coverings.  The simplest of makeshift burner makes the kitchen.  Blankets piled in a corner end up being spread at night to make “beds”.

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4th Israel Relief Aid Passover Project Being Set Up!

Israel Relief Aid is busy this Passover on your behalf for all those who want to fund food bags for the needy.  The fourth project will be for Holocaust Survivors only.  It will be in Netanya, on the coast above the Tel Aviv region.

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What A Mother Will Do for Their Child

Mother browsing through clothing at Petach Tikvah Aid Center in Israel for her child

The Petach Tikvah Aid Center in central Israel usually always receives from incoming aid containers (sponsored by friends of Israel Relief Aid). 

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3 Wonderful, Exciting Passover Feeding Projects for Israelis in Need

Bedouin Tent in Israel

A new third project for feeding at Passover is being planned!  It will be held in Israel’s Negev desert region, in a massive Bedouin Tent!  It will be a huge large group (split into groups of 100), and the entire Seder will become a teaching platform.  Russian/ Ukrainian immigrants will be invited and a full meal will be served, and a seder will be great learning experience.

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