Haifa in the Pandemic

Haifa, Israel

The main victims of the Corona Pandemic crisis are working families (who lost their jobs or whose salaries were reduced), single-parent families and young families.

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One Would Never Think It Would Get Cold There

Israel Relief Aid’s Winter Warm Campaign extends to some of the coldest places, and one of those is the Israeli desert – the Negev—which extends from Beer Sheva to Eilat in the south.

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Israel Relief Aid Center Partners

The map above lists the aid center partners throughout Israel that we supply.   Click on the red balloons for name and outreach details of each aid center.  They range from disabled youth daycare, protected children villages, single mothers assistance, new immigrant centers, homeless soup kitchens, battered women shelters, elderly/ Holocaust Survivor assistance and so much more. To learn more about Israel Relief Aid, click here

In Honor of International Holocaust Memorial Day

Now that 2021 has come, with a new year of good things to do for the nation of Israel, let’s take this opportunity to start the year right.

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UPDATE: Burnt House Repairs for the Holidays

Israel Relief Aid’s December Project was assisting with repairs to a burnt house in a recent large fire in Nof HaGalil in the north of Israel.

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Jerusalem 0 Jerusalem

 In Jerusalem, we are already in very cold weather, and it will get much colder next month in January. 

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Special Coronavirus Aid for Families in Need

Coronavirus test site in Modi'in
Coronavirus test site in Modi’in

Israel Relief Aid is distributing now in the Israeli territories to families living under the poverty line – supplies to clean up and protect against the coronavirus:  Toilet paper, bleach, sanitizer wipes, sanitizer soap, plastic gloves, etc.

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Corona in the Settlements

Ariel, Israel

More feedback pictures came in from Corona supply distributions by Israel Relief Aid.

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Can You Believe It?

Israel Relief Aid container

Israel Relief Aid just received another large shipping container of clothing for the aid centers in the south because . . . .can you believe it . . . .they were almost empty! 

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Burnt House and Hanukkah Aid Center Gifts

Burnt home of aid center leaders

The house of the managers of one of our aid centers in Nazareth Ilit (Nof HaGalil) burned recently in the north of the country in a fire in the city.  They got out there to help their neighbors save their houses but they could not save their own.  Only their house took damage in the fire.

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