Influx into the Mixed City

Located in the territory of the Israeli tribe of Dan, Ramle is a city in the central district with 80,000 Israelis, two-thirds of whom are Jewish and one-third Arab.  It sits next to the ancient city of Lydda/Luz (Lod).

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A Message for You at Rosh Hashanah

To give a glass of fresh cold water is an act of kindness,
to give clothing to one person in need is an act of respect
and to feed a hungry family is an act of love.

Every day we have some really good intentions and
suddenly the day is over and once again our
intentions are postponed to tomorrow.

Due to the day-to-day concerns and busy schedules,
our eyes could be shut toward blessing Israel, and
in essence, planting seeds that accrue back to our own

Knowing this, we want to thank each and every one of you
who have participated financially in Israel Relief Aid
monthly events, sea transport and clearing of
humanitarian aid containers, and projects that made a
difference in the lives of thousands in poverty. 

It has been a pleasure to serve with you in the past year,
to have been your representative here in Israel to the needy.

The coming new year brings with it more opportunities
to keep our focus towards blessing the Holy Land. 
We look forward to bringing smiles and hope together with you.

A sweet, healthy and prosperous new year from us,

Max Veenstra – Chairman, Israel Relief Aid

Jo Kaplan – CEO, Israel Relief Aid

and the Israel Relief Aid Team

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Getting Ready for Rosh Hashanah

The Rosh Hashanah holiday here in Israel is a big one, with a 2 ½ day state closure.

It’s a dress-up holiday. But what if you are in a new country, a new immigrant, or simply don’t have clothes for the holiday meal?

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RESCUE PROJECT: August 2022 Update

Ukraine – Borislav, close to Lviv, is our main hub for the time being, reaching numerous areas.

Both Kiev and Zitomir are receiving loads. We also opened a hub in Tarnapol for distribution in Charkov region.  So we are still very active in Ukraine, but we are in desperate need of goods.

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Look What’s in This Container

Now on the water, on its way to Israel, is this huge shipping container that also has inside new clothing, and new airline blankets.

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A Different View

The last aid container that came in …from California …had some special treatment – pictures from a drone!   The picture below shows the container truck crossing the intersection, very close to the Sea of Galilee.

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Rosh Hashanah … A Different Story

While we are enjoying our beautifully laden Rosh Hashanah table with all the trimmings and our best recipes, there is a different story at Beer Sheva’s homeless/women’s shelters. 

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We Didn’t Know!

When it was decided to prepare food bags for Sderot in August much earlier, little did we know that a military conflict was going to break out this month in the area of Sderot and a thousand bombs shot into Israel from Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip.

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Israel Relief Aid Container unloading at the Sea of Galilee

Ukrainians in Israel – How to Help

Bags of everyday foods were a Godsend to Ukrainians who walked into a Jerusalem Israel Relief Aid network aid center.  

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