Innovation in Aid to Israel

Israel Relief Aid is a Registered, Israeli Non-Profit Corporation supplying humanitarian aid stations by using fast flow technology and innovative techniques throughout the nation of Israel.  Our operational costs are not high like those of many larger organizations. This results in dramatically lower overhead, increased aid, and faster dispersal turnaround time to recipients.

No overhead is required for expensive Israeli warehouse rent, property taxes, required insurance, truck purchases, repairs, truck insurance, forklift purchases, warehouse employees/payroll/equipment, etc!

By choosing to forego a glamorous image consisting of posh office space, expensive automobiles, mass advertising, exorbitant salaries and properties costing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, we are able to simply focus on aiding Israelis in need.

See our methodology below:  the process from start to finish. Then read our latest reports for detailed stories and photos of those we have helped we month.

Our Goal: Help Israelis in Poverty – Cost Effectively

The Problem:  The multitude of aid organizations trying to help Israel (most at an exorbitant price tag) have not been able to meet the needs of increasing Israelis living under the poverty line since the start of of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

1,980,309 Israelis live below the poverty line, as of 2020 into 2021, according to the January 2021 report of Bituach Leumi (National Insurance). This is 23% of Israeli citizens and 31.7% of Israeli children.

The Challenge: To import aid into the country, distribute with zero to very low cost, and keep running costs super low, to lower the percentage of Israelis living under the poverty line.

The Method:  Containers of donated aid are loaded in countries around the world by international charity shippers. These charities have access to quantities of freely-donated quality aid and ship regularly to countries in need.

Loading container of Aid for Israel
  • Quality clothing & household goods for new immigrants
  • Hygienic supplies for all the government hospitals, paramedics and clinics
  • Baby supplies and clothing for organizations helping new mothers in poverty
  • Furniture and clothing for orphanages and welfare-placed children/youth
  • School supplies for kindergartens and schools for disabled children
Shipping Container

Each aid container of donated goods costs only around $8,000 to be shipped, cleared through customs and distributed in Israel!  Yet each container’s contents 20-40 times that amount worth of aid!

These shipping containers (containing an average of 10 tons of aid each) are brought by ship, unloaded to the Israeli port and go through import clearing to receive clearance to leave the port. Flatbed trucks load the container and truck it to up to three stops in Israel.  Or the truck unloads at our Logistics Center near Ben Gurion Airport and most of our recipient organizations easily come to pick up!

Fast Flow Technology. It’s Simple, Cost-Effective, and to the Point

No overhead is required for Israeli warehouse rent, property tax, required insurance, truck purchases, repairs, truck insurance, forklift purchases, warehouse employees/payroll/equipment, etc.  Most all contributions of donors are directly used to ship/clear/truck containers of aid instead of for immense overhead costs for expensive Israeli buildings and all that goes with them, and our donors are greatly blessed in this.

Who Are We Aiding? Our Israeli management has an extensive infrastructure of government/ welfare and civic, non-profit organizations capable of distributing at a much higher level in order to help more Israelis.

Our method is to bring in aid for Holocaust Survivors, widows, the homeless, the disabled, new immigrants, single parent families, orphanages, those living under the poverty line and institutions all over the land by a variety of cost-saving logistic and direct transport methods that save thousands of dollars to distribute each container.  Click here for detailed map and description of all our center partners.

How Can You Help?  You can partner with aid funding on a one-time or monthly basis whatever amount you feel in your heart and receive the blessing for having blessed Israel. You can be a part of funding one or more of the following projects:

  • Be a partner with funding aid container shipping designating aid for Ukrainian immigrants, Holocaust Survivors, single-parent families, disabled, unemployed, immigrants, etc.
  • Help Sponsor Monthly special event according to the season, targeting a different needy sector each time (for instance, toys for hospitalized children, meal for Holocaust Survivors, school supplies for poverty children, or blankets for the homeless/elderly in winter)
  • Feed the Hungry – Food boxes for Israelis in need — families living under the poverty line.

Israel Relief Aid R.A. is audited, has CPA accounts oversight and is certified by the Israeli Corporations Authority and Registrar of Charities.

Israel Relief Aid Board/Advisors:

Jo Kaplan, CEO

Max Veenstra, Chairman

David Lazowski

Jack van der Tang

Johan Schreuders

Nevill E Smitth

Ralf Rosema

Dr. Barri Cae Seif