Tisha b’Av: A Check Up

This year, Israel’s holiday of Tisha b’Av is July 30, beginning the night before, July 29 around sundown. 

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Worried About Current Events on Jerusalem Day?

Kotel, Jerusalem

Can you imagine if your country’s population was all army trained? If every single perpetrator was found and caught because of the state of alert of your army and the majority of its citizens? if you took out your enemy’s missiles before they had a chance to even think about being deployed? Every country is ready to fight for its own freedom, but to what extent are they actually trained and prepared to do that? continue reading →

A War on Yom Kippur – Did God Hate Us?

Jewish male studying torah

In 1973, on October 5, it was Erev Yom Kippur and Israel was praying and fasting as it usually did. On October 6 at 2 pm Syria began to attack Israel which was the beginning of the Yom Kippur War. continue reading →