Israel Relief Aid Sderot Center

Sderot Aid Center Manager in front of Bomb Shelter

The Gaza Strip border town of Sderot is where so many bombs fell from nearby Hamas, not just once, but all day long. 

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Israel-It’s Come Down to This

Dumpster diver

It’s amazing the things people throw away . . . and that people find inside a dumpster.

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Upcoming 2020 Events/Projects

2020 Israel Relief Aid Projects

Together we touch the lives of new immigrants, the Ethiopian community, Arab Israelis, the homeless, single parents, the disabled, Holocaust Survivors, disadvantaged families, and more. 

Remember, your love for Israel comes with the blessing of Abraham back to you! Join us in 2020!

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Goal: To Get Them Through the Israeli Winter


Israeli winters are sharply cold, with strong winds, haze/dust and rain, as we are experiencing right now.  In the north, Israeli winters mean snow.

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The Look on Their Faces Tells It All

Ethiopian Israeli children receiving gifts for Hanukkah

While many Ethiopian Jews have integrated nicely into Israeli society and serve in the IDF, police, sports, politics or entertainment, there is still widespread poverty and lack of opportunity.  Many have expressed feelings of being subjected to systemic bias, being second-class citizens or having to constantly worry about harassment due to their skin color (I know many who’ve been harassed).

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New Aid Center Partners!

The map above lists our aid center partners throughout Israel that we supply.  Click on the red balloons for ministry name and outreach details of each aid center.  They range from shelters, protected children villages, drug rehabilitation centers, single mothers assistance, new immigrant centers, soup kitchens, battered women shelters, terrorist victim assistance, and so much more. To learn more about Israel Relief Aid, click here

Added Blessings for 2019

Wow what a year this was!  You have enabled so much humanitarian aid to be dispersed throughout the Holy Land of Israel, twelve great monthly events, the special large events for Holocaust Survivors and new immigrants, and of course, aid container distributions in huge amounts.  Together we have touched tens of thousands of Israelis! 

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Your Hand in Israel

Women picking out items at Israel Relief Aid Center partner in Galilee

Israel Relief Aid recently brought in a container with some great items in it and all the aid centers in the country that asked to receive some, all got a share.  When the aid center then offers these items from the container to the public coming into their aid center, you can see what happens.

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How Can You Bless Israel in December?

Unloading Israel Relief Aid container

This 40-foot container from the Netherlands was just unloaded in Haifa and in Petach Tikvah.  Fifteen aid centers all over Israel were stocked from this one container, and two new aid centers were outfitted.

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Israel – Land of the Modest Income

Mother in Israel with her baby

About two years ago, this beautiful lady Nadya married Yaakov from Netanya, Israel and together they had this darling little girl Neta.  Since then, they have one modest income from the father. 

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