Winter Special Request Update

January is upon us and all the wintery weather that it brings. 

Israel can get bitterly cold or have rain with flooding or flash floods, or simply thunderstorms. 

When the super-cold weather hits, it’s not the time to be outside but to be inside with a warm blanket, socks and warm drink.

When the articles began of homeless people dying on city benches in Tel Aviv or the elderly rushed to the hospital because they were found with hyperthermia on a cold apartment floor, it just hits the heart.

I sent all of these articles to our large infrastructure of aid centers all over Israel, with the special request that they would go out and channel all of the winter textiles that Israel Relief Aid had supplied them (from shipping containers) to the homeless and also just very needy people.

Here you see pictures of our Kadima aid center bringing winter jackets on a rainy night to the homeless.  

This could not be done without your help to bring shipping containers of winter clothing to Israel before January hit.  We will continue the winter warm campaign through the month.

Thank you so very much – Jo Kaplan CEO

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