Update on the Bethlehem Christians

Bethlehem lies around 6 miles south of Jerusalem.  Around 16% of its inhabitants are Christian Arabs.  It’s interesting that large numbers of these Christians originally migrated from Yemen and the Petra area to escape Muslim persecution, and yet now they find themselves again under Muslim rule.  Bethlehem also has its share of Christian Arabs in poverty and they deserve help.

Israel Relief Aid provided a truckload of new and used clothing and adult diapers to the Bethlehem checkpoint.  Once the Bethlehem aid center’s cars got to the checkpoint, the boxes and sacks were transferred over the checkpoint. 

All the teens and even excited children helped carry the boxes and sacks of clothing from the vehicles to the distribution points.

The women opened up a “makeshift” aid center in one of the patios.  This kind of help brings joy and uplifts their spirits.

Israel Relief Aid gives humanitarian relief to Israelis living under the poverty from all religions, of course. This has the added benefit of opening up wonderful opportunities for dialogue and healing.

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