Connect With Israel in June!

There are multiple ways you can connect with Israel in June and participate with Israelis in need. 

  1. Touch lives by helping a day center for disabled youth.  Puzzles/box games and janitorial supplies have been requested by the day center in Ben Shemen for disabled young people. This center runs on a very tight budget and actually fills a lot of needs by donations from the parents, who are already paying monthly for the activities of the center. 

So, there are always things they need for the center that are not covered in the tight budget.  Replacement puzzles/games, and maintenance supplies like janitorial supplies need continual replacing, and in Israel those items are expensive.  The help that we can give by a shopping trip and surprise visit really, really lifts their spirits.  Can you help make this happen? 

2. A month’s worth of food for three shelters in Rishon LeZion will be supplied for impoverished immigrants and immigrant families who can’t make ends meet. 

You can be a part of the everyday life of the nation of Israel with June projects like these.

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