Connecting with Israel for Shavuot

Israel Relief Aid is offering three opportunities for connecting with Israel for Shavuot:

Holiday lunch for 300 immigrants living under the poverty line in the south: 300!  That’s a lot – but it’s a lot of needy people who don’t have money for a nutritious, fun time out for a great middle eastern meal.  There will be entertainment and speaker during the meal.

Meals for a month for immigrant shelters in the center (they don’t have funds to make it through the month): This way the Aliyah dream becomes a reality!

Reconciliation Project – Christian Arabs in Nazareth giving food boxes to impoverished Jews in the north in Nof HaGalil (some are Holocaust Survivors). These Christian Arabs have a heart to bless the Jews in Israel!  From the welfare roll comes a list of needy people to receive.

For those that can help, click here or on photo below and designate project at checkout:


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