Ashdod – During COVID

Israelis in need receive Israel Relief Aid from Ashdod Aid Center

Regardless of COVID, the need for clothing for families in Israel still astounds.

Mother and daughter receive Israel Relief Aid at Ashdod Aid Center

Children didn’t stop growing just because COVID hit. 

Couple in need receives Israel Relief Aid at Ashdod Aid Center

Thank God the Ashdod Aid Center is there for so many immigrant families that don’t have monthly budget for anything except apartment expenses and food.

Husband and Wife receive Israel Relief Aid at Ashdod Aid center

Dear Friends, it’s a great honor to be able to provide for them, and for so many in Israel. Together with you, we can do this!  Yes, you help make it possible.

Another container is being loaded in Europe right now.  Would you like to help bring more aid into Israel? Click here or on the donate button below.  Bless you!

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