Food They Need at the Shelters

In this month’s project – feeding homeless Israelis and the shelters for men and sheltered women – we wanted to give you some pictures of what they’ve been eating at the shelters, and the kind of foods they need every week:

 The shelters need weekly fresh food like milk, lettuce, cheese, chicken, vegetables, fruits, eggs, potatoes, bread, butter, etc.

The shelters are literally turning lives around.  It takes time, though, each person according to the time they need to get back on their feet financially, emotionally.

One of the biggest expenses after rent and standard property taxes, is weekly fresh food.

This is what we want to continue helping with!

We want to provide for them for as long as possible so they can concentrate on the life-changing guidance they give to these people that had given up hope, especially at this time of Sukkot. . . and afterwards too.

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