Bombs, Balloons, Diapers and Food Bags

The people of Sderot live in a war zone. 

Fires daily in the Sderot area from the incendiary balloons (see bomb from a balloon in the tree picture) have caused residents of the city and surrounding areas to be on constant alert.  Being on constant alert day after day quickly gets exhausting.

Incendiary device in tree Sderot

Wanting to give relief, especially to those living below the poverty line in Sderot, Israel Relief Aid provided a large quantity of diapers for mothers in the city from the best-priced retailer in the country, and also had food stocks delivered down to Sderot from a logistics company near Ben Gurion Airport.  These food stocks are things like rice, pasta, peas, corn, garbanzo (humus) beans, and grain, baked beans.  These have been split out to individual food bags for the families. 

Grocery bag donations Sderot

We will continue to follow up with the rest of the pictures of this distribution.  But know this . . . this event was only because of  your participation!   Thanks to you, together Sderot gets blessed.

We are living in tough times, and we don’t know if they’ll get better or worse. We keep going.

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