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Aid Recipients in Israel

A lot of calls have been coming into Israel Relief Aid from aid centers around Israel (especially in the remote north of the country) asking for a delivery of clothing or other aid. Nazareth, Maalot, Haifa/Krayot, Haifa/Springs, Haifa/Downtown, Jerusalem Talpiot, Bat Yam, Bethlehem and Ramle aid centers need stock so that they won’t have to close their doors!

Why is the need so great? Some 1.8 million Israelis, including 842,300 children live under the poverty line in Israel today!

The poorest region in the country continues to be Jerusalem, where some 55 percent of children live under the poverty line, followed by remote northern and southern Israel.

I have personally seen the people that frequent the aid centers, like the Bat Yam aid center. They wait in a long line for the aid center doors to open so as to ensure they will get in. Some are in wheelchairs, others are elderly, others struggle with cancer; each one has their sad circumstances. These are Israelis that we want to help.

Clothing is simply one of the basic needs here, especially with the continual stream of immigrants to Israel. However, simple poverty is another reason. The costs of clothing in Israel can be overwhelming, but especially for those who have no job.

It is time to bring another container to Israel! Would you help us with shipping costs to Israel and clearing costs at Ashdod port?

Remember, your funds are not going to pay expensive offices, cars, or property costs like all other organizations in Israel that I know. On the contrary, your contributions actually go towards the AID itself!

Let’s do this. Thank you in advance for your concern for Israel and Israelis!

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