What Do Israel’s Holocaust Survivors Need?

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Around 7 out of every 10 Holocaust Survivors in Israel indicate that they are disturbed or quite concerned about their economic future – an increase of 7% compared to a year earlier, according to the report of  the Holocaust Survivors Foundation, 2015.    There are almost 200,000 Survivors living in Israel today.  Most of the Survivors (73%) reported that they suffer from health problems.

“The data exposed in the Fund’s report indicates the urgent need in responding as widely as possible to those survivors,” said CEO of the Foundation Kalinski. “. . .  we see too many survivors still suffer from a variety of hardships and difficulties, and for all of us to mobilize as soon as possible to help them. We must put the issue as a top national priority and ensure that their last years are in comfort and survivors with dignity.”

One of our every 2 elderly persons requires incontinence supplies on a daily basis.  These incontinence supplies are readily available in most countries. However, in Israel, the marked price is astronomical.


Israel Relief Aid’s branch in the Netherlands received a large shipping container filled with Depends incontinence packs from GoodsForGood in the UK, as well as warm clothing, and it has been distributed in our network infrastructure of approved non profit organizations.

Toda raba (thank you very much) to our friends participating in this endeavor! Bless you!

Holocaust Survivors

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