Aid From Hamburg Helps Needy Israelis

Four aid stations in northern Israel with low stock were grateful to receive each ¼ of a large shipping container of clothing and bedding last week, specifically for new immigrants, the disabled, single parent families and disadvantaged families.


The container first stopped in Nazareth Ilit, where the doors were opened and 250 boxes were unloaded.  Four volunteers were recruited to unload to the Nazareth Ilit Aid Station.

Another 250 boxes were dropped off at the Northern Haifa Aid Station.  Also four volunteers unloaded their portion of the container to the ground and then into the aid station premises.

There are four men unloading, and these four men have volunteered out of a thankful heart to help provide happiness for others who have received as their families have from the Northern Haifa aid station.

The Northern Haifa Aid Station serves hundreds of new immigrants and other needy Israelis every month.  It is pristinely clean, is comfortable and gives dignity to those in need. Yet, the aid station is dependent on donation companies like Israel Relief Aid to provide stock for its shelves.

Thousands of families will be recipients of this aid, which goes quickly.  Then, the shelves will be low again, and more stock needed.

This aid process was accomplished at a 75% discount over other aid organizations in Israel which pay warehouse rent, property taxes, equipment/truck purchase, warehouse employee payroll/pensions, insurance, etc.  It is simply done by drop loading direct from the port. We are deeply grateful for your support, which makes these shipments possible.

Thank you so very much.

Jo Kaplan
Executive Director/CEO
Modiin, Israel

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