Praise Report – Stocking Pro-LIfe Centers in Israel

At Risk Mother and Baby Centers in Israel

When new mothers and babies at risk or pregnant women in trouble have no place to turn, centers all across Israel stand ready to provide.  These nonprofits are located all across Israel, with committed staff with a heart to help, yet without government budget.

The Problem:   Most of these women are running from a risky situation and/or have little or no money or even an apartment or belongings at all for themselves or the baby.  No baby clothes, baby shoes, diapers, cribs, etc.  Also, these items are very costly in Israel.  How to give them hope, with dignity and respect?

The Solution:  As part of our Hiram Program, a container dedicated to these women and babies was donated, loaded and shipped from Holland with beautiful items for stocking many of these centers, especially in Jerusalem, Akko, Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, Eilat and Haifa.  After arrival here in Israel, Israel Relief Aid provided to each center a good supply of cartons full of beautiful baby clothing.

Innovative System:  No hefty warehousing costs, property taxes, shelving costs, insurance, staffing, etc.  Simply trucking these cartons from the port, and gasoline.

Stocking Pro-LIfe Centers in Israel

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