Praise Report and Update from Israel Relief Aid!

two containers clearing now in the Israeli port

Shalom Friends!

I’ve been swamped with logistics on two containers clearing now in the Israeli port but wanted to drop you all a quick line.

With our new innovative cost-saving aid system, the aid centers themselves either get delivered to by a container truck or they, themselves, go to pick up boxes nearby where the truck is unloading at another center.

This latest aid container from Hamburg will go to 4 messianic congregation-run aid centers in the north of Israel — all 4 are brand new centers (on top of our current 34) that we have not yet given to.  Two of these aid centers are too small for a container truck to arrive to their street, so they both have
people with vehicles that can come to take the supplies out of the container and bring back to their
aid centers.

The cost for this is SUPER low – no warehouse, no forklift, no huge warehouses or warehouse staff, etc.   I’ll be taking pictures at these unloadings and will send them to all of you.

By the way, all these aid centers needed supplies desperately.  As I talk to these aid centers, I am finding out that they haven’t been very busy due to low supplies, that is why we are bringing more aid into Israel and need to bring more.

It’s at this point that I especially  love this work, when I see who we can help and see it fitting together prophetically and starting to make a difference in the lives of individuals. And wow,  without huge expenses.  It’s all very simple…and so worth it!


Jo Kaplan

Executive Director/CEO
Israel Relief Aid
Modiin, Israel

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