Are the Needs in Israel “Real”?

Aid Recipients in Haifa Aid Center

Hundreds of boxes of clothing from Israel Relief Aid were put on tables and the word was put out to the Haifa community of Ukrainian Israelis (new immigrants and those that have been here for awhile but still struggle) from Haifa aid center. continue reading →

Worried About Current Events on Jerusalem Day?

Kotel, Jerusalem

Can you imagine if your country’s population was all army trained? If every single perpetrator was found and caught because of the state of alert of your army and the majority of its citizens? if you took out your enemy’s missiles before they had a chance to even think about being deployed? Every country is ready to fight for its own freedom, but to what extent are they actually trained and prepared to do that? continue reading →

Here’s the Space

Lod patio in Israel

Last week at the Lod Holocaust Survivor/Elderly Center, Israel Relief Aid handed over the check for the building of the patio cover that we worked on together in April. Here we are with the chairman of the center who made it a point to be on hand. continue reading →

How “Not” to Study


The Israeli national holiday of Shavuot (Feast of Weeks) last three days, from May 19-21. It is a very spiritual holiday in the Land. In olden days, an offering was always brought by each family to Jerusalem. continue reading →

Construction Zone – In Process

construction sign

The Holocaust Survivor/Elderly center in Lod is buzzing with excitement for the planned project to build the patio space that we worked on together in April. After having gotten several bids for the patio covering, one style looked the nicest and was the best price. The picture below shows the style of cover (example only) and the approximate color, or a little more goldish. continue reading →

Normal Life…On the Other Side of the Gaza Conflict

Sderot Aid Center

An “army” of Palestinians is charging the border nearby, with firebombs and their most senior terrorists trying to penetrate the fence.  How would you feel if you lived just on the other side in the city of Sderot? “Fear” is not a word that is mentioned, only felt. continue reading →

In Honor of Israel’s Elderly for Israel’s 70th

Holocaust Survivor

April 19 is the 70th anniversary of Israel’s Independence! We hope you will be celebrating along with us. It’s a time to be outdoors and enjoying great food and friends and thanking God that we made it to this day. continue reading →

Never Forget

Anne Frank Quote

Today Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day). Israel so lives from holiday to holiday. continue reading →

A Special Project for Holocaust Survivors

Holocaust Survivor Garden Project

There is something we can do to brighten a very dark time in history. Through April 23, Israel Relief Aid is running a special project for Holocaust Survivors in Israel. continue reading →

Sandwiches in Israel . . . a Privilege

Turkish Community Aid Center Recipients in Israel

The Jews of Turkey, most of whom are descendants of Hebrews who found refuge there from the Spanish Inquisition, feel very insecure. Their schools and synagogues are behind defensive tunnels and protected by steel pillars against booby-trapped cars. continue reading →