Giving Hope to Single Mothers and Their Babies

Mother and Child

According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, there are 131,000 “single parent” families . . . almost 31% of single-parent families live in poverty. continue reading →

Writings and Letters of Thanks to YOU!

Thank You Letter from Levinstein Hospital

The largest rehabilitation hospital in Israel, Levinstein Hospital, sent to us an official letter of appreciation signed by the Director for the mercy gift of 7,000 adult diapers for patients in comas, paralyzed, incontinent, etc. continue reading →

Winter Warm Campaign . . . Let’s Look at the Families

Mother Gets New Coat

“I didn’t have a jacket for this kind of cold!” said Leah, who was among many in Sderot (where the bombs from Gaza are falling and infiltrators are caught) who received a fantastic jacket that was super warm. “Tell everyone that they are awesome – a huge thank you from me!” continue reading →

100 Impoverished Children at Purim – Event Opportunity

Little Girl Dressed up as Princess for Purim

They are the grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors, from low-income families that are frequenting the distribution centers in Jerusalem and Ashqelon. If there is no money for clothing, then the family is scraping by and there is no money for most other things, like celebrating Israel’s holidays. continue reading →

Clothing Needs In Israel

Herzl and Natalia

Herzl and Natalia are a young couple married 3 years ago near Moscow. They had seen the corruption of freedom of speech, burning of newspapers, etc. and decided to look for a better freedom. They took a free tour to Israel and felt peaceful in the land, and decided to come on a student visa to study in Israel and during that period to make aliya and immigrate. continue reading →

A Winter Warm Surprise

Sderot Aid Center Manager

Thanks to the help of our partners in this work, Israel Relief Aid brought in a container of winter clothing for our Israel Winter Warm Campaign. This clothing has gone mostly up to the north of the country, where it is colder with snow in winter. continue reading →

Times Two

Twins babies in Israel

Oh so cute! How could any father not want to stay and hear the cooing of these sweet little ones?  Yet, it happened and Hagit and Naama are fatherless. Their mother, Naomi, is a struggling single mother – meaning, she is:

  • tired (lack of sleep with one and then the other waking at night or needing feeding/changing),
  • financially deficient
  • socially isolated and depressed
  • fatigued (doing everything herself)

continue reading →

It’s Getting Very Cold in Israel


Homeless woman in Israel

This is the time in winter to make sure everyone is warm, in jackets, sweaters, socks, scarves, mittens, and heavy winter clothing. continue reading →

Free Unloading and Distribution

Free Unloading and Distribution

It is quite expensive to unload a container and to distribute it in Israel. However, Israel Relief Aid supersedes all of that with Direct Source Giving! continue reading →

A Message from Israel Relief Aid CEO


As 2017 comes to an end and you get ready to ring in the New Year, I want to express to you how excited and grateful I am for the team partnership of each and every one of you here at Israel Relief Aid. continue reading →