Israel Relief Aid Fast Flow Technology for Northern Israel

Aid container being unloaded in Haifa, Israel

In our previous report, we showed you how this last container came at 6 a.m. to Ashdod in the south of Israel.  After quickly unloading to the aid centers in the central and south regions, the container continued on its journey to the north of Israel.

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30% of Israeli Kids Don’t Have Warm Winter Clothing

Crack of Dawn in Southern Israel

Container from Europe for Israel

At 6 a.m. in Israel dawn is breaking.  Ukrainian immigrant volunteers in Ashdod will unload from this container from Europe into the aid center before going off to work. 

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Ending the Year Right


We thank all who contributed to this joyous event to lift the spirits of so many precious souls for the Holiday Season. 

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They Cried When They Saw the Toys

When we do a hospital visit with toys for pediatric surgery, orthopedic or pediatric illness departments, I hope we can get the best soft toys to distribute, but in Israel everything is so expensive. 

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The Sixth Largest City in Israel

Ashdod is located in the southern district of Israel on the Mediterranean coast, just north of Ashqelon and 20 miles south of Tel Aviv.  It’s a large city, with an area of 23 square miles. 

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Israel: The Needs of a Democracy

Israel Relief Aid Center Partner

At aid centers in Israel, who will show up?  People that are lacking funds to get warm clothes, children’s clothes or work clothing.  Jews, Arabs, Christians and Druse. 

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How to Change the Atmosphere

Kids in the hospital are always in pain. Maybe it’s an injury, accident or a life-threatening illness. 

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Adding a Special Treat for Hanukkah


In the central Israel city of Lod, not far from Ben Gurion airport, there is a day center for the elderly (which in these days includes many Holocaust Survivors).  They come at 8 a.m. and finish around 1 pm, and their days are full of activities suited for their age and ability. continue reading →

Hometowns and Nazareth Ilit


Founded in 1957 by then-prime minister David Ben Gurion, Nazareth Ilit is home to 40,000 residents. Ben-Gurion called the new settlement in the name of Kiryat Nazareth, the more likely home of Jesus, next to the home of the prophet Jonah. Later, the name of the settlement was changed to Upper Nazareth, in Hebrew: Natzeret Ilit. continue reading →