Let’s See Where The Supplies Really Went

Sderot Aid Recipient

Sderot, the city of bombs and incendiary balloons, was given by Israel Relief Aid a load of school supplies a boost to its impoverished families and kids with the first day of school, Sept. 1 approaching. continue reading →

Elul Something Very Special

2018 CalendarYesterday, we entered into a very, very special month in Israel, the Hebrew month of Elul. Elul is an ancient Akkadian word meaning “harvest” and is related to an Aramaic word meaning “search.” continue reading →

5779 is Fast Approaching!

Apples and Honey

The Israeli Fall holidays come early this year, and Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets), is on September 9. This is a three-day holiday in Israel, September 9-11. continue reading →

New Aid Center Partners!

The map above lists our aid center partners throughout Israel that we supply.  Click on the red balloons for ministry name and outreach details of each aid center.  They range from shelters, protected children villages, drug rehabilitation centers, single mothers assistance, new immigrant centers, soup kitchens, battered women shelters, terrorist victim assistance, and so much more. To learn more about Israel Relief Aid, click here

Israel’s Sderot – Preparing for September 1

Bomb Shelter in Sderot

There are bomb shelters by every bus stop, public building, and all over the Israeli city of Sderot (close to the Gaza Strip). continue reading →

We Did It — in Tel Aviv!

Tel Aviv Aid Center Food Delivery

Pallets of wholesale-purchased food were delivered to Tel Aviv’s worst “den of inequity”, a tattered run-down area. It is a place where many homeless and addicted people live. continue reading →

How to Help the Crisis in Sderot?

Bomb Shelter in Sderot

Our “Hope” center in Sderot sent us the following update on the bombs coming over from Hamas (Sderot sits just outside the Gaza Strip!)

“The past 20 hours have been exceptionally rough for us here . Hamas and its affiliates have launched more than 136 rocket attacks against innocent men, women and children in and around Sderot.

continue reading →

Feeding the Hungry and New Immigrants in Israel

Ramla Aid Center

With the help of our donors, Israel Relief Aid brought bags full of nutritious food— snack, meal, drink and dessert items —to Ramla for impoverished families in the city and in the adjacent city of Lod –10 new immigrant families. continue reading →

7,000 Times


Our aid center in Sderot shares about what “7,000 times” means:

Narrow your siren warning and sheltering time to 15 seconds. Fear grips you at the startle of the siren and adrenalin rushes through your body. You wonder, “Am I going to die or my spouse or kid? Where do I hide? Where are my kids?” continue reading →

Tel Aviv – Look What’s Happening


This month we worked to stock the kitchen shelves of a center in Tel Aviv that provides a daily meal to hopeless Israelis living on the streets. These are the people for whom this center has been named: The Broken Hearts Café. continue reading →