As the New Year Approaches

Pomegranate and honey for Rosh HaShana

As the High Holy Days approach, far too many of Israel’s Holocaust Survivors and immigrants do not have food and other essentials, let alone to celebrate the holiday with a warm meal, and that is why we want to help them in this way for this holiday.

Israel Relief Aid Rosh HaShanah Dinner for Israelis in need

Their lives will also be touched as they listen to the truths in the mystery of the Rosh Hashanah shofar, the apples and honey and the other interesting symbols of the holiday.

You can help provide the blessings of a holiday meal for these new Israelis and Holocaust Survivors for this special holiday. This significant outreach simply would not be possible without the help of faithful friends like you.

Donate Today

We know that if you were here, you would help – and now, your contribution can take your place. Your gift today will lift up these ones that are alone and/or hungry. Please share in meeting this significant need of caring for Israel at Rosh Hashanah. Your contribution carries the same importance as if you were here in Israel!

Here is a 5779/5780 Hebrew Holiday Calendar (click image above) as a special thank you for your love and support for Israel. May this New Year be sweet, healthy and happy! L’Shanah Tovah! Happy Rosh Hashanah!

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