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Thank You Letter from Levinstein Hospital

The largest rehabilitation hospital in Israel, Levinstein Hospital, sent to us an official letter of appreciation signed by the Director for the mercy gift of 7,000 adult diapers for patients in comas, paralyzed, incontinent, etc.

Dear Israel Relief Aid,

We wish to thank Israel Relief Aid on the donation of 7,000 diapers that you decided to grant for use of the patients at Beit Levinstein Hospital.

The gesture warms the heart and makes you a welcome partner in the important work and dedication of the multi-disciplinary staff at Beit
Levinstein.. . Your donation is received with blessing and aids us in giving our patients the best treatment. We thank you from all of our heart . . .

Herzog Hospital decided to write about the donation in their newsletter:


Israel Relief Aid has made a first-time donation of adult hygienic supplies and new pillows to Herzog Hospital. The hospital has been added to the list of institutions to which Israel Relief Aid will provide tangible donations of hospital supplies donated in Europe by companies participating in international humanitarian aid.


Herzog’s Nursing Department under the leadership of the Director of Nursing Tzvia Levi organizes several training workshops each month for healthcare professionals in Israel. This is in addition to ongoing training of Herzog staff on new developments and treatment modalities so that our staff can provide the best possible care for our patients.

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