100 Impoverished Children at Purim – Event Opportunity

Little Girl Dressed up as Princess for Purim

They are the grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors, from low-income families that are frequenting the distribution centers in Jerusalem and Ashqelon. If there is no money for clothing, then the family is scraping by and there is no money for most other things, like celebrating Israel’s holidays.

Purim Gift bagsWe have a chance in February to lift up their hearts as we partner together in a Purim Event in Jerusalem especially for them, including: Purim holiday story with noisemakers, game stations with prizes, costume contest with prizes, lunch, take-home Purim food pack, and more.

Giving to impoverished children, bringing happiness in the lives of people and doing it in love: there is no other real reason to do Purim giftshumanitarian aid. Yet, giving to Israel is just another reason why we do what we do.

This is the kind of aid that will last in the memories of these children and families. This is practical aid combined with dignity. Will you join with Israel Relief Aid this holiday for the Israeli children that need us the most? Blessings and thanks in advance for your partnership!

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